Our latest project...

When New York University's Fales Library offered to archive the documentation of Thieves Theatre's history to give context to our project The Hill, we were motivated to create our own digital archive.

Presenting... thievestheatre.org!

The website is an ongoing project where we catalogue Thieves' history -- from its inception in Chicago in 1981 to its reimagining into International Culture Lab in 2007 -- including newly (re)discovered memorabilia.

Along with these noteworthy finds, weekly posts mostly center on a paratheatrical production that spanned 1990-1993. Nick and Gabriele had erected a tipi in a Manhattan shantytown (known as The Hill) to commemorate the centenary of the Wounded Knee Massacre and then lived in it for almost three years.

Gabriele's journal from that period was published by Autonomedia in October 2021. Thieves Theatre's posts juxtapose excerpts from the original hand-written journal and Nick's serialized lyrical essays about the same events. What is the difference between journal and memoir, between a contemporaneous account and the recollected past?

You can buy The Hill from Autonomedia, from Amazon, or directly from Gabriele HERE! (USA only)